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Faceshields and Eyeshields

Matrix systems

Soft stainless steel matrices

Stainless steel matrices


Fiberglass ribbons for splinting

Transparent polyester matrices

Finishing and polishing

Restorations with glass fiber posts


Refill packs Laboratory



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Polydentia Team

Alfred Schaffner - President

Claudia Schaffner Paffi - CEO



Luisa Colombo Crivelli 

Operations Manager

Pedro Laviosa 

Business Development Manager

Maria Ala-Sulkava 

International Sales Manager

Federica Tessari

Administration & HR

Sabine Zucchetti

Sales & Marketing

Ing. Angelo Rossi

Head of Technology

Francesco Ghilardini

Technical Assistant & Purchasing

Simone Pagani


Simone Pusterla

R&D Engineer

Sabrina Margni

Export & Customer Care

Silvia Cesaretto

Graphic & Design

40 years of success with you!

Once upon a time…in 1976! In that same year Steve Jobs developed the first PC called “Apple 1” and the band “Eagles” debuted the popular song “Hotel California”. Mr. Alfred Schaffner founded Polydentia in 1976! After 40 years, the family business is today successfully managed by his daughter, Mrs. Claudia Schaffner Paffi, who together with her dynamic team is leading the company to


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