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40 years of success with you!


Once upon a time…in 1976! In that same year Steve Jobs developed the first PC called “Apple 1” and the band “Eagles” debuted the popular song “Hotel California”.

Mr. Alfred Schaffner founded Polydentia in 1976! After 40 years, the family business is today successfully managed by his daughter, Mrs. Claudia Schaffner Paffi, who together with her dynamic team is leading the company towards a prosperous future.

Much has changed since 1976. However, the most important values that helped Polydentia becoming the successful business that it is today, still remain as its foundation: a passion for an innovative dental technology, applied engineering as well as a premium customer service. Our “40 year experience” certainly enables Polydentia to keep developing smart solutions, based on dentist’s needs and following the highest and excellent Swiss Standards.

Polydentia looks forward to keeping standing out and exceeding your expectations in terms of Quality, Reliability and Efficency, facing future challenges side by side and ensuring constant success.

MyClip: finalist for the Prix de l’Innovation in Paris!


With MyClip you will make yourself a personal gift, as this is the worldwide first sectional matrix ring combined with forceps! Forget buying expensive forceps, click here for more information. 

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New interdental wedges!


Interdental Wood Wedges with Hemostatic Properties. Made of maple wood from sustainably managed swiss forests, the new wedges contain aluminium potassium sulphate, a very well known agent with astringent effect on gingiva. Read more here: REF5025.Read more



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