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A Swiss Family Passion!

Two generations sharing the same passion for mechanical engineering creativity, applied precision and top client service; father and daughter, supported by competent and highly motivated staff, committed to providing products of Swiss excellence to dentists worldwide who are looking for high-quality materials and customized solutions at a fair price. With over 40 years of tradition and proven experience coupled with great interest in new technologies and unbeaten paths; a family-run company where everyone thinks and acts to reach the same goal: manufacturing innovative and top-range dental products by allocating resources in the most efficient way. In other words: Polydentia SA.

Swiss-Made to the roots

Located in Southern Switzerland, Polydentia guarantees its products are Swiss made, according to the highest manufacturing, reliability and safety standards: from the purchase of raw materials all the way to after-sale service. Moreover, being based in a politically and economically stable territory allows us to plan long-term industrial strategies, all to the advantage of our customers scattered in more than 110 countries all over the world, who can count on constant quality assurance as well as reliable and long-lasting cooperation with a Swiss company which has gained worldwide recognition.

We make your ideas work

Do you need a particular instrument which is not available on the market? Do you have special requirements or maybe new ideas in terms of material, size or shape, but do not know how to implement them? Just tell us: by closely interacting with you, we will turn your concepts into valid professional tools, with great attention to detail and at a fair price. Thanks to our creativity and readiness for innovation, supported by the talent and the passion of our people, we can constantly adapt our manufacturing systems to face the ever-new mechanical and technological challenges of the dental industry, thus making your working life a lot easier.


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