Polydentia Matrix Mix

Polydentia Matrix Mix

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Faceshields and Eyeshields

Feather-light shields for full facial protection (Vista-Tec Faceshields) or for eyes protection (Vista-Tec Eyeshield). Scratch resistant, re-usable, shields of first quality with antiglare properties. Frame available in ...


The new sectional matrices with low reflection and high contrast - an absolute "must-have" when working with modern technologies with intense light sources, such as loupes and dental microscopes.

Fiberglass ribbons for splinting

Fiberglass ribbons for the realization of splints, bridges, retainers and post-orthodontic retainers. Biocompatible, resistant, flexible, aesthetic. One-layer (4mm, Fiber-Splint), Multi-Layer (4mm, Fiber-Splint ML), for ...

Matrix systems

Sectional matrix system for class–II-restorations (Quickmat Deluxe) and ergonomic system for the tightening of matrices in posterior areas (Maximat Plus). Both kits contains a wide range of thin (0.04mm) and ...


Interdental wood wedges, with anatomical shape, 5 sizes offered (XS, S, M, L, XL), optimum adaptation along the tooth cervical margin, square end, made of certified wood from sustainably managed forests. Transparent ...

NEW! Dental instruments Blue PolyShapes

The Blue PolyShapes are composite placement and modelling instruments made of hi-tech plastic material. The kit features 2 double-ended instruments, designed to provide a better control in layering and contouring a direct posterior restoration to its final form. REF 5960, for more information please contact: info@polydentia.com


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